Green Hill CC

Club House
Green Hill CC's club house with modern sophistication and classic softness offers a panoramic view of the golf course surrounded by vast forests, and offers comfortable rest, classy meetings, and the best service.
  • Tel

    031) 799-8500

Locker & Sauna
The wooden locker room with a luxurious and classic atmosphere is equipped with a spacious and comfortable shower space and sauna facilities with hot and cold baths.
  • Tel

    Men’s locker: 031) 799-8576

    Women’s Locker: 031) 799-8578

Pro Shop
From various products for events to the latest golf equipment, we strive to increase customer satisfaction.
In particular, fruit products that are often used for gifts only handle fresh and delicious fruits of the highest quality through a sugar content test.
  • Tel

    031) 799-8519

The best taste and service you can enjoy overlooking the course.
Green Hill CC's unique taste provides new a dimension of experience.
We always put taste and hygiene first and stick to only the best ingredients to create a feast of taste.
  • Tel

    031) 799-8541

Snack Bar
Snack Bar, where you can relax while enjoying the beautiful view of the golf course from the window, is a clean and comfortable facility that provides customers with a comfortable rest.
Please take time to recharge with light drinks and meals.
  • Tel

    031) 799-8547