Shinan CC

Club House
Courtesy to customers is to protect their honor and dignity.

Shinan CC's 5,000㎡ club house features business rooms, large and small banquet halls, members-only reception rooms, large restaurants, and sauna facilities for socializing, leisure and recreation.
Outstanding views overlooking the entire course by the club house's window and the celebrity interior add to your satisfaction.
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    031) 8046-0777

Locker & Sauna
The wooden locker room, which has a luxurious and classic atmosphere, has a spacious and pleasant shower space and a sauna facility with a cold and hot bath, and offers a view of the golf course from the window, adding to the comfort.
Pro Shop
We are working our utmost to improve your satisfaction, ranging from a variety of products for the event to the latest golf products.
It includes selected local specialties and seafood, and especially fruit products are Shinan CC's own quality-guaranteed products and handle the best fresh fruits.
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    031) 8046-0773

We value each customer's satisfaction with various menus and the best service that the hotel's top chefs cook.
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    031) 8046-0731~2

Snack bar
The snack bar, where you can relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the golf course through the window, is a clean and comfortable facility that provides a comfortable rest for customers. Please recharge with a simple drink and meal.
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    031) 8047-8031

Shinan CC Golf Training Center
With a magnificent scale of 400yard and state-of-the-art computer swing analysis system throughout 99 driving ranges, the Shinan CC Golf Training Center offers the best experience as a golf mecca where you can enjoy everything about golf practice, from PAR3 courses, short games, driving ranges, accommodations, fitness centers, and saunas.
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    031) 8046-0801~2